What is the Nordic Fab Lab Network

The Nordic Fab Lab Network is an organisation and a collaboration platform for the Fab Labs in the Nordic countries, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Finland and Greenland.

The purpose of the organisation is to strengthen the Nordic co-operation and collaboration and facilitate the transfer of knowledge between the Nordic Fab Labs.
The purpose is to improve the quality of the Nordic Fab Labs and help organisations to fulfill the Fab Lab Charter.

The members are the Fab Labs and they share:
Core process
Collaborating with others
Open Access
Following Fab Charter
Promoting vision of Fab Labs

Project Funding and collaboration, Nordic Fab Lab organisation delivers an important contact base in the region, which provides opportunities to establish critical mass in the areas.

Agenda Setting, Nordic Fab Lab organisation influences the region’s Fab Lab agendas through strategic initiatives and project results.

Alliance Building, Nordic Fab Lab network generates new and develops existing networks between Fab Lab actors and organisations active in the region in order to establish optimal synergy through cooperation on joint initiatives.

Nordic Fab Lab Network will label nordic fablabs.