Fab Lab Nordic Bootcamp

Every year, a different Nordic Fab Lab takes the helm in hosting the Annual Nordic Fab Lab Bootcamp, uniting the entire Nordic network spanning across Scandinavia. Participate in interactive workshops offered by the network, show your support for the host lab, and experience the spirit of mutual collaboration among all participating labs.

Join us to share knowledge and strengthen the network at the Fab Lab Nordic Bootcamp.

Next Bootcamp 2025 – Fablab Skanderborg – Danmark

During the Bootcamp 2024 in Aalto Fablab in Finland, Fablab Skanderborg in Danmark was voted to be the next Bootcamp location. The date is not set yet.

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Bootcamp 2024 – Aalto Fablab – Finland

The Bootcamp 2024 took place at Aalto FabLab in Finland, situated in the really snowy and cold city of Espoo. Hosted from 16-19 January, it showcased Finland’s innovative spirit, with a range of workshops from all over the Nordic network and showed Aalto University labs and state-of-the-art facilities.

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Bootcamp 2023 – Fablab Vágur – Faroe Islands

The Bootcamp 2023 was held by Fablab Vágur in Faroe Islands. The Lab is situated at the most southern island of the Faroe Islands and is in the middle of the the town of Vágur. The bootcamp head many workshops and showed the of Vágurs rich culture, a unique history and an active local community. It was held on 9-13 January 2023.

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Bootcamp 2022 – Fablab Halmstad – Sweden

The Bootcamp 2022 was in Sweden beautiful west coast and was hosted by Fab Lab Halmstad at Halmstad University. The lab opened in 2016 and welcomes the public, students, staff, researchers, and organizations/corporations. The bootcamp head many workshops and showed off halmstads many machines, smart students and innovative companys and projekts. It was held on 17-23 January 2022.

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Bootcamp 2021 – Copenhagen Fablab – Denmark

The Bootcamp 2021 was pushed to the summer during the covid pandamic, the first one yet to be held this time of the year. During the event there was many workshops in different category, everything from brewing to making small scrape drones. There was also some visits to some local companys. It was held on 9-15 August 2021.

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Bootcamp 2020 – Fab Lab Vestmannaeyjar – Iceland

The Bootcamp 2020 was on Fab Lab Vestmannaeyjar that is located on a small island of the coast of Iceland. The bootcamp was full with workshops and made it possible to lern many new things. The participants also got to know the local economy by getting a tour on the fishing vessel Sigurdur VE,  metalworkshop, fish processing plant and more. It was held on 6-10 January 2020.

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Bootcamp 2019 – Fab Lab Kambsdalur – Faroe Islands

The Bootcamp 2021 was held on Fab Lab Kambsdalur, then the only fablab on Faroe Islands. The Fab Lab is on the high school Miðnám in village Kambsdalur that has around 100 citizens. The bootcamp had everything form assembling 3d printers, participants help with the CNC room and admire the environment around. This bootcamp was also the one where the Nordic Fab Lab association was created. It was held on 7-11 January 2022.

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