Nordic Fablab Bootcamp 2023 – Fablab Vágur – Faroe Islands

The Bootcamp 2023 was held by Fablab Vágur in Faroe Islands. The Lab is situated at the most southern island of the Faroe Islands and is in the middle of the the town of Vágur. The Bootcamp head many workshops and showed the of Vágurs rich culture, a unique history and an active local community. It was held on 9-13 January 2023.

Here is a summarization document for the event

Workshops and presentations

The Bootcamp this year was particularly memorable as it was a kick-off for the variety of workshops funded by the Nordic Cultural Point focusing on Artistic Intervention for Digital Fabrication.

Integrating electronics and digital fabrication in Contemporary Art

A presentation of the Art Installation ”Water Moment” from 2017. The two artists presented  an installation with light and sound and dripping Water made in a 12 m high circular room in a water Tower.

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Fabrication of Custom-shaped Artistic PCBs Inspired by Local Cultural Artefacts

This workshop aimed at creating Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) shaped and inspired by local cultural artefacts. The project brought together tech enthusiasts, artists, and cultural historians to employ the electronics production methods of a fab lab, transforming it into a hub of innovation, ingenuity, and heritage preservation.

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Artistic Intervention for Digital Fabrication Kick-off

Presentation about FabLab Koklaamo sharing how they work in there Fab Lab that are in Hintta primary school. They presented examples from the kick-off after presentation.

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Using digital fabrication and computing in the training of Naval Masters

A presentation about using digital fabrication and computing in training of Naval Masters in  construction of autonomous ships, by making working ship models. The presentation also covered the  cooperation between the FabLab and the local Naval Academy in Marstal.

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3D Scanning Cultural Artifacts

The workshop was to cover the how to use of the Artec Leo 3D scanner to digitise local cultural artefacts. We also used Artec Studio software to clean up the scan and Blender to produce mind-blowing renderings for an online catalogue.

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Remixing Norse art with digital fabrication

The workshop from fablab Skanderborg was to explore the intersection of traditional Norse art and digital fabrication techniques. By using a variety of cutting-edge tools and technologies, such as 3D printers and laser cutters, to create new and innovative interpretations of traditional Norse designs. The collaboration allowed for the fusion of ancient artistic traditions with modern technology, resulting in a unique blend of the old and the new

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Microbit- how to make it fun for kids

The workshop was structured to be interactive and hands-on, with a focus on creating fun projects that engage children and encourage them to develop an interest in programming. Main focus was on how to use Microbit to let music, games and robots come to life. The participants learned how to code with Microbit and how to use it to create a range of fun projects that children would enjoy.

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Artistic Intervention for Digital Fabrication

Presented a case study to the participants, showing pictures of creations students have made during the class and detailing the purpose and structure of this class. As a workshop part, the presenters guided the participants through a fast prototyping creativity exercise.

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