Nordic Fablab Bootcamp 2024 – Aalto Fablab – Finland

The Bootcamp 2024 took place at Aalto FabLab in Finland, situated in the really snowy and cold city of Espoo. Hosted from 16-19 January, it showcased Finland’s innovative spirit, with a range of workshops from all over the Nordic network and showed Aalto University labs and state-of-the-art facilities.

Here is a summation document and website for the event:  Document/ Event website 
More documentation for the Nordic FabLabs bootcamp 2024: Documentation site


Numerous workshops were held during the bootcamp, covering a wide array of topics ranging from traditional crafts like birch bark and kombucha leather work to modern techniques such as aluminum casting. One workshop focused on papercraft, utilizing 2D design for 3D forms with parametric CAD software, followed by laser cutting designs on paper for assembly into 3D structures. Stygvir, a company showcasing cutting-edge fiber laser technology and offered insights into entrepreneurial endeavors. Another workshop involved creating marble maze modules, inspiring participants to unleash their creativity in constructing intricate runs. Attendees also delved into a code-based workflow, utilizing tools like OpenSCAD to design 3D models and circuit boards for CNC milling. Moreover, participants were invited to make their own FabLab Multipoint Connection Unit (FMCU) Button, affirming their lab’s presence on a online map and showcasing its active engagement within the global FabLab community (see the FMCU map).

More documentation on all the workshops can be found here.

Next Bootcamp location

The network voted for the next Bootcamp location for 2025 and the winner was fablab skanderborg in Danmark. Stay tuned for future updates.

More information will appear on there own page closer to the bootcamp.